How to Make Soap From Scratch

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How to make soap from scratch is a skill that at some point in the last few generations has been lost or forgotten by many. If you were to ask your grandparents if they had ever made soap, I can guarantee you either they have or their parents had. The reason soap isn't being made as frequently as it was generations ago is because soap is so commercially available that people would just rather run to the grocery store than take the time make their own.

I can understand this, today our lives are so busy and hectic it's hard to find extra time to set aside for making soap, but I will tell you what you are getting at the grocery store, regardless of what the label says is very hard on your skin.

Natural soaps are lylcerin based and this is a natural compound that is easy on the skin and very nurturing. During commercial soap making, the glycerin is stripped from soap and is replaced with harsh chemical softeners that can leach the skin of natural moisturizers.

How to make soap from scratch is best accomplished with a great recipe to follow. Soap from scratch isn't very difficult to make, but it can be dangerous. The dangerous comes from handling a compound called "Lye". Lye is a chemical that is found in drano, but you don't want drano, you want pure Lye which can found in your grocery store right next to the drano.

When you make soap it is a delicate mixture of lye, water, and essential oils that will give your soap the scent and color you are looking for.

Once you have followed your recipe to a "T" you need to pour your soap mixture into a mould to form your new soap. Moulds can be made from various items, you could use a stainless steel rectangle baking pan, a clear pyrex  baking dish, pvc pipe capped off makes a great mould for soap as well. If you want fancier soap, you can go to a candy making supply store and purchase candy moulds. These are great looking novelty soaps, that are fantastic for gifts or even for resale.

How to make soap from scratch is a fun and rewarding skill to learn. Don't let this skill become one that is forgotten and only big name companies have the secrets.

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Great soap starts with a great recipe. How to make soap from scratch isn't very difficult to learn, it simply takes time and extreme care. Just as anything else made with the hands, the more care put into it, the better it is. Learn Learn How to Make Soap Here!

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How to Make Soap From Scratch

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This article was published on 2010/04/03